Feluwa hose diaphragm piston pumps now have a valve performance monitoring system. Feluwa offer performance with reliability and with our new early recognition system which detects any wear in delivery valves early enough to ensure the system can work efficient and reliability all the time.

The measuring principle is based on the vibration analysis of the delivery valves and are capable of detecting leaks, even if the loss of output is still less than 10%.

The installation is by means of bolts and the vibration sensors are fixed to the outside of the casing that will be monitored. Sensors are indepdenat of direction so that precise positioning and orientation at the valve casing will no influence on the reading.

The loss of operational safety and availability of pumps and the danger resulting thereof induced Feluwa to develop a special control system by means of which leaks at delivery valves are precisely detected.

Feluwa have created a series of new high performance check vlaves for agressive/abrasive media, which protect pipework from the effect of fluid or slurry reflux even under high pressure conditions.

The sandwich design facilitates installation and service therefore ensuring easy removal for maintenace.

Easy removal for maintenance

The valves are available in various DIN and ANSI standard lengths in nominal diameters from DN 15(1/2") to DN 100(4") for pressure ranges up to 400 bar (ANSI 2500).

They are customised to the actual application and are supplieed as either a ball or a cone valve, whereby the ball valves are not spring loaded.

Ball valve with metal sealing and additional soft sealing

Items are supplied with reversible vaslve seat with metal sealing and ball guide or with metal and additional rubber sealing in bubble-tight design.

The valves meet leakage calss V and VI according to ANSI B16.104. Internal fittings are available in various material options.

Cone Valve

For an optimisation of the individual units, the fluidic design of all valves is computer generated and provided with a short valve stroke in order to reliably prevent sedimentation in the seating area.



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